Nutcracker Christmas Activity Fun Book Ages 6 to 12



Looking for a interesting Christmas gift this year?

Look no further, let your kid’s creative mind go wild with another great activity book for kids. This book-themed around Nutcracker. We are eager to present The Christmas Activity Book for Kids Ages 5-10. This book ensures long stretches of “Coloring FUN! Present a kid or young ones this season with the book that advances their coloring learning experience and practicing their creativity for coloring letters in the spirit of Christmas.

You’ll find it in this book:

  • 15 search words for children (words related to Christmas)
  • 20 Christmas coloring pages
  • 20 Christmas Mazes
  • 40 Sudokus cases for children
  • Solutions for sudoku
  • 8.5 x 11 in format for kids, matt cover

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