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Are you stressed from having to deal with house cleaning daily and lost track of what needs to be cleaned?

House cleaning can be less stressful when you use a guided planner like this one. Let us help you with this planner.

Plus a master plan on the schedule to clean what is in your house is attached on the next page. It’s a guide and you can change it any way you like. A basic cleaning checklist is attached with examples of what has to be cleaned. This can be used as a daily guide to cleaning your house. Customizable sheets are given inside.

daily cleaning plan is for your daily cleaning need. Fill according to what you intend to clean. If you do not clean daily, a weekly cleaning plan is more suitable for your usage.

For the weekly cleaning plan, a list of checklists is given. Those items you intend to clean can be marked directly onto the sheet.

For seasonal or monthly cleaning, use the monthly cleaning plan. A checklist is also given for your convenience reference.

Enjoy using this planner!

What’s inside:

  • 1 House cleaning Master Plan
  • 1 Basic cleaning checklist guide
  • 8 customizable basic cleaning checklist guide
  • 60 days of daily cleaning planner
  • 40 weeks of the weekly planner (guided checklist for kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, and laundry room)
  • 12 months of the monthly planner (guided checklist for kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, and laundry room)


Book details:

  • The large size of 8.5 x 11 Inches
  • Matt cover custom-designed for house cleaning
  • Prompt guided cleaning with the flexibility of simple customization to suit your need
  • 12-month planner to let you plan ahead
  • Great gift for wife, husband, anyone who loves a clean home!

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