Demystifying eCommerce: Why You Need To Know The R.E.S.T formula



Are You Confused By eCommerce Business Models?

If you’re a beginner, you would most likely be in a confused state with all the different eCommerce business models and how to even get started. There are some people who even paid over $10,000 just to learn how to set up an “eCommerce store” but unable to drive any sales to it.

Don’t be stuck with building a store and making it beautiful. Educate yourself on the methods and system behind owning a successful store online. Don’t fall prey to expensive 5-figure online courses or owning a non-profitable eCommerce store.

This short read is meant to give you a quick zoom into how I manage my eCommerce business and how anyone could scale to a 6-figure online store by applying consistent effort.

What you will learn:

  • The differences between selling digital and physical products online
  • What is print on demand business and how to get into it
  • Zero cost P.O.D business is the fastest way to start making your first $1000
  • How to spy on your competitions
  • How to apply the R.E.S.T formula to form your framework for any eCommerce adventure
  • How Q.U.E.S.T formula can help you generate income consistently
  • Selling hot products online
  • Scaling business the way no one mentioned to you before
  • Finding profitable stores to model after
  • Outsourcing to truly own your passive income

Let this book be your starting point into the eCommerce world.
Start accessing my knowledge and selling experiences over 10 years.

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