Complete Christmas Planner To-Do Lists



Does Christmas leave you feeling depleted and pushed?

We as a whole realize it shouldn’t be that way – it ought to be about fun, food, loved ones!

In any case, how would you break the yearly pattern of seeking after an alternate encounter, however then getting that sinking feeling as the huge day draws near?

This Christmas Planner can assist you with getting composed in a lot of time! You can design everything about, down to the timings of supper on Christmas Day.

On the off chance that you love to get composed, this planner incorporates segments for:

  • Monthly To-Do November, December
  • Holiday Party Planner
  • Grocery list
  • Shopping List
  • Christmas Decoration Planner
  • Holiday Card Tracker
  • Gift Planner
  • Christmas Party Planner
  • Christmas Meal Planner
  • Note For Next Year
  • Christmas Countdown
  • Good for 5x Christmas recording

The Christmas Countdown Checklist pages are the place you can note down what you have to do every day in December.

Try not to get your thoughts in a knot!

Get your copy now and make this Christmas your most amazing one yet!


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